Stormwater Management & Best Management Practices

Specific Types of Best Management Practices

Key Concepts

Green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure consists of site-specific management practices that are designed to maintain natural hydrologic functions by absorbing and infiltrating precipitation where it falls or utilizing natural systems that capture, cleanse and reduce stormwater runoff.

Additional information on green infrastructure is available on EPA's Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure website. Explore General Information, Planning Tools, and National Case Studies here.

Environmental Site Design
Environmental Site Design is an effort to mimic natural systems along the whole stormwater flow path through the combined application of a series of design principles throughout the development site to replicate the natural landscape prior to development. Learn more at the websites below:


Water Capturing Sidewalk

Vegetated roofs serve a variety of stormwater management functions, including: volume reduction, water quality improvements, and peak runoff rate control. Environmental benefits beyond stormwater control include building temperature moderation and wildlife habitat.  The vegetated roof above is located at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA



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