PA Act 167

Pennsylvania enacted the Stormwater Management Act (Act 167) in 1978 in an effort to prevent and mitigate the effects of accelerated stormwater runoff.  Act 167 requires counties to create and implement watershed-based or county-based stormwater management plans.  Additionally, municipalities are required to adopt and enforce ordinances to regulate stormwater impacts of development and redevelopment in accordance with the county plans.

The policy and purpose of Act 167 is to:

  • Encourage planning and management of stormwater runoff in each watershed that is consistent with sound water and land use practices. 
  • Authorize a comprehensive program of stormwater management designated to preserve and restore the flood carrying capacity of Commonwealth streams; to preserve to the maximum extent practicable natural stormwater runoff regimes and natural course, current and cross section of water of the Commonwealth; and to protect and conserve groundwaters and groundwater recharge areas.  
  • Encourage local administration and management of stormwater to be consistent with the Commonwealth’s duty as trustee of natural resources and the people’s constitutional right to the preservation of natural, economic, scenic, aesthetic, recreational and historic values of the environment. 

See the DEP Model Stormwater Management Ordinance for local governments to enact the county Act 167 plan.

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