Increasing Stormwater Resiliency Through Innovative Codes & Ordinances


July 20 at 12:00 PM

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Over the past several years, the City of Pittsburgh has been experiencing a growing renaissance of new and redevelopment projects. However, at the same time stormwater management issues such as localized flooding, polluted waterways, and basement backups from climate change induced cloudburst rain events continue to plague much of the City. In 2021, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority in partnership with several departments in the City of Pittsburgh updated its stormwater codes and ordinances in an effort to:

  1. Establish more concise regulations while streamlining the stormwater plan review process,
  2. Create a more proactive code language towards encouraging successful green infrastructure practices, and
  3. Ensure stormwater infrastructure is more resilient to future climate change impacts.

AKRF will provide valuable lessons learned during this multi-stakeholder collaborative project. The presentation will also offer key technical elements from the newly developed accompanying City of Pittsburgh Stormwater Design Manual. The audience will learn innovative strategies for how their own municipality can go above and beyond the minimum state model ordinance language to ensure successful and climate resilient stormwater management as part future new and re-development.

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